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Veteran Saves, a component of America Saves, and a participant in the Department of Defense Financial Readiness Network seeks to motivate, support, and encourage the entire military community to save money, reduce debt, and build wealth.

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Veteran Saves is a program designed to help veterans and their families build financial stability and security. Coordinated by the non-profit Consumer Federation of America (CFA), Veteran Saves utilizes research-based principles of behavioral economics and social marketing to promote savings behavior and motivate action.

Veteran Saves encourages the entire veteran community to take the Veteran Saves pledge and for organizations to promote savings year-round. Through education, resources, and support, Veteran Saves aims to help veterans and their families improve their financial well-being and achieve their long-term financial goals.

Veteran Saves also works with government agencies, defense credit unions, military banks, and other non-profit organizations to promote savings and debt reduction.



Veterans Saves' researched-based work to improve the saving behavior of the veteran community, and their families is supported by the generous contributions of: 

  • Walmart
  • DCUC
  • AMBA



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